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  1. i to am going thru what you have experienced , i was told i had crohns a few years ago , i have had one one surgery where they removed my lower intestines and did a reconnection surgery so i did not have to get a bag inserted , but that was serveral years agao and i have been suffering with the pains agains so im sure the process will have to be repeated sooner or later . it is truely a daily battle that few understand . the not being able to eat out and enjoy without having the bathroom near you ( 20 minutes or less after eating if you dont have a ostomy) , its a struggle . , cramps and pains that are unexplained . Girl yes i feel and felt your pain . thanks for sharing

  2. My story is almost the exact same as yours with the addition that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy two years ago. I had my protocolectomy this past January and the doctors are hopeful that I will no longer have to battle with Crohns. I too have been very open about my crohns as well as my Ostomy. I enjoy educating people and because it doesn’t bother me, it really doesn’t seem to bother anyone I’ve dated and certainly not my boyfriend of over 2 years now.

    I hope you continue to do well. It’s nice to hear of similar stories even though I would never wish what I had to go through on anyone.

  3. I read this blog and I felt as if my life story was written out for me by a ghost writer. Let’s fight for a Cure

  4. I have been a “survivor” of Crohns since I was 12 years old. I too have endured several medical situations in an effort to thwart the aspects of having surgery, but the inevitable occurred 18 years with me having to have a proctocolectomy. Looking back, it was the absolute best thing I could have done. My quality of life has changed dramatically. The only underlining issue I contend with is the foul odor when I either empty or change my bag. Any suggestions on how or what products that would remedy this?

    • Yes, you are a survivor! So amazing! Having an ostomy isn’t bad right! It saved our lives and we are all the better for it! I do not have any remedies unfortunately. If you have a chance please check out! I will try to figure some remedies out for you and get back with you! Thank you!

  5. You are a beautiful women inside and out, we all are…all of us that have been through this. I’ve had my ileostomy for going on 30 years. I had my surgery at 32 an now going to be 63 in March. And i feel like I’m 35 ( I would say 29, but I felt like shit then) LOL..

    • Wow!! I salute and admire you!! You are amazing!! Thank you so much for your kind words that really means a lot coming from someone that has lived this journey for 3 decades! Please if you have a chance check out GutlessandGlamorous.Org! I would love to stay connected with you!

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